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Dinner Parties

It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write. So, today, my mind is traveling back over the last couple months.

In 1999, we lived in a rather small (outdated I might add!) house situated on a small plot of land. One of the things we most loved to do was to gather with friends and enjoy delicious meals and heart-felt encouraging conversation together. On one such occasion, we invited a small group of friends to our home for dinner, but didn’t have the most spectacular dining space.  We decided to instead host the dinner outside, overlooking the valley. White table cloths and dinner plates, plenty of candles and fresh flowers adorned the long tables. Somehow these dinners always ended up a feast, with each person lovingly preparing an amazing dish to bring and share. On this dreamy night in the middle of the summer of 1999, outdoor dinner parties became the gathering of choice.

Recently, my family bought a book for me that really connected and put into pictures and words some of what’s in my heart. Community, friends, engaging conversations, warm and inviting atmosphere, delightful food….these are ingredients to evenings and days not soon forgotten. 

Gather some friends, spread a tablecloth, light a few candles, play music and serve up some delicious food. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to a gathering like this?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Opportunities to connect; get to know your neighbors, co-workers, friends, family in a meaningful way. Be the initiator, don’t wait for someone else to do it first.

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We hosted a shrimp boil to celebrate the fourth. Love family and love America! #freshfood #outdoordinnerparty #padinnerparty